Fullstack Web Developer

Specialized in WEB, APPs and WPO

Creation of custom websites, development of mobile applications and programming WordPress plugins from scratch

Custom Development

Custom Development

Creation of websites, apps, directories, online shops, customised plugins or any other digital tool that takes your fancy.

The important thing here is that the result adapts to your needs and is able to grow at your pace and that of your business.

The bottom line? To find a technology that never holds you back.

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WPO Optimization

WPO Optimization

Improving the loading speed and optimizing the performance of your website to steal the hearts of Google and your customers.

The perfect solution if you have a “shuffling” website, or what is the same, slower than the bad horse.

Do you want your website to load in less than 2 seconds?

This is how I improve your web speed
Wordpress Consulting

Wordpress Consulting

The help you need to overcome any of the barriers your online business will face.

Plugins that break, professionals that disappear, loading speed that drops from 100 to zero without warning…

Whatever it is, I’ll give you a hand (or both).

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Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

24-hour protection, updates and continuous improvement of your website so that you can focus on what really matters: your business.

You cannot imagine the time and headaches that you are going to save with a trustworthy service that is proof of the unforeseen.

No more going crazy putting out fires.

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What i do (and what i don't)

I am autonomous, perfectionist and very selective with the development projects in which I am involved.


I am commited to specialization and teamwork

I don’t design, I don’t write, I don’t do SEO. My thing is custom development, web optimization and those projects that put my programming skills to the test.


My training, quality and results are worth what they are worth

If you are looking for an implementer who drops his prices, you like to haggle or you want a slave with office hours, this is not it. Good luck with your research!


I like to speak clearly, without technicalities or detours

If I can help you with your project, I’ll tell you. If I can’t, too. You only need one meeting with me to find out if I am the programmer of your dreams.


When I start a project, I give it my all

Once you start developing your website, application or custom tool, get ready because you’re going to have Marta for a while.

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What are you waiting for to launch the development of your website?

Tell me what’s on your mind. I help you find the solution that best suits your project.

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